Name: Sebastian Kienle
Born: 6th of July 1984
Occupation: Triathlete / Student “International Management”
Residence: Mühlacker/ GER
Team: Tri-Team Heuchelberg
Height/Weight: 180cm/73Kg
Best loved non triathlon action: work on the bike, cook, take a nap, music
Goals: short term: to get faster long term: winning Hawaii
Chris McCormack (IM World Champ 2010) on Sebastian: “Sebastian Kienle he’s a friend I’ve been training with for a few years and I’ve raced him in these challenge events in Ironman debut, 7:59 and debut mate, bike course record 4:11 the guy is unbelievable. They’ve been trying to get him at T Mobile when T Mobile was around as a kid, as a cyclist to ride the tour and all he’s ever wanted to do is Ironman Hawaii.”


– World Champion Ironman Hawaii (2014)
– World Champion Ironman 70.3 (2012 + 2013)
– Runner-Up Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2015
– 3rd place Ironman World Championship Hawaii 2013
– European Champion Ironman 2014
– First rookie under 8h on long distance (7:59:06h)
– Triathlete of the year 2012 + 2013 (German triathlon awards)


– 4th place debut Ironman World Championship Hawaii 2012 (despite a flat tire)
– Runner-Up European Championships Ironman (2012 + 2015)
– Runner-Up US Pro Championships Ironman 70.3 (2012)
– Runner-Up European Championships 70.3 (2010)
– Two Times sub 8h at Challenge Roth and 2nd place
– WR bike split for one year  (2010 + 2011)
– German Champion
(Middle Distance 2014 + 2015, Long Distance 2010, Cross Triathlon 2005, 2006, 2010)
– German Champion Short Distance U23 2006